Evanescence had been gone for far too long and has made a lively return with new music. We have been wondering for a long time now about when we could expect new music from Evanescence. Well, that time has finally arrived after nearly a decade and I couldn't be more pleased. Plus, Evanescence came back even more powerful with their latest "Wasted On You" featured above.

Evanescence's new song has superpowers or something because of how it made me feel. This song should've come with a warning label though if you ask me. In a nutshell, the label would warn how these lyrics will tug on your heart-strings. In fact, it is the song that will remind you of THAT ex-partner. After hearing "Wasted On You" it triggered feelings from the past relationship trauma I've experienced over the years. For a song to work up some kind of emotion in you is proof you feel what you hear.

Of course, time wasn't on their side either so they had to film the music video for "Wasted On You" in isolation. Each band member recorded themselves with their own cameras. All I can say is I give this song two thumbs up for sure. They will be sharing music from their new album The Bitter Truth little by little. Be sure to keep your eyes AND ears open from here on out.

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