Ah yes when it comes to commercial jingles, we love them here in El Paso, Texas. We've seen El Paso be shown IN commercials before but we hear & see them a lot online, on the radio or on your tv. But which ones are the ones that have gotten stuck in our heads over the years?

The best commercial jingles according to El Paso

I know for me personally I've always fancied the Meow Mix commercial, where the cat is singing for the cat food.

Other ones that have NEVER eluded my brain include the Baby Bottle Bop jingle, the "Riiiiicola" jingle or the classic "I'm Lovin' It" from McDonald's. My guess they never left your brain either...

But we're not talking about me, we asked YOU what YOUR favorite commercial jingle was. We've had a few slogans mentioned like:

  • "Give it to Mikey!" from Life Cereal,
  • "Where's the Beef?" from Wendy's
  • "My Oscar, he's such a good boy". R.I.P. Rhoberta Lakehomer Leeser...
  • and "Yo Quiero Taco Bell".

All ARE catchy but they're not jingles, per se. But we DID get a lot of different choices. Some national commercials (old and new), and local commercials that we've heard over the years...and they have never left our heads.

It was hard choosing just 25 jingles; in fact we found WAY MORE than just 25 of them on our Facebook page. But nevertheless, here are the catchiest commercial jingles that YOU told us. Let us know which ones we missed, cause we know there are a TON of them out there.

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El Paso's Favorite Commercial Jingles

Yes there are so many catchy jingles that get stuck in your head, but which one is El Paso's favorite? Turns out... a lot of them! Here are several catchy jingles chosen by your fellow El Pasoan. Sorry in advance for the earworms...

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