Do you ever get nostalgic watching old TV commercials from El Paso, Texas? I personally do -- I loved watching the classic McDonald's, Lunchable, & Toys R' Us commercials that used to run on TV back in the day.

Same with local commercials; there are many I remember seeing growing up that are ingrained into my brain (like Western Playland). But there are many other commercials from El Paso businesses that aired on TV years ago that we can watch again anytime we want that nostalgia.

Let's look at some classic 80's El Paso commercials

Now this is no way a look at EVERY single commercial from the 80s; just a look at some that have made it onto YouTube. Like this Big 8 commercial with the late Coach Don Haskins.

Do you recall the old Kemp Ford dealership on Mesa? This commercial might ring some bells. This isn't the only dealership with 80s commercials you can find either; Mack Massey, Shamaley Ford, Vista Chevrolet, Bob Hoy Volkswagen, & Northeast Nissan are just a few of the gems online.

Or how about this old 1985 ad for Putt-Putt Golf & Games?

Do you miss Pistol Pete's Pizza? Oh, we do... and this commercial only reminds us WHY we miss it.

How about this classic commercial for Arnold's Mexican Restaurant that used to be on Yandell?

Blockbuster & Hollywood Video weren't the only rental stores we had in El Paso; Major Video was a big one too.

Some other classic 80s commercials that I've found included Safeway Grocery (98 cents a lb. for steak???). Other gems you can find include Skags Alpha Beta, Rainbow Rentals, K-BOB's Seafood, & Builder's Emporium.

You could even find classic ads found in this collection of 1984 commercials; such commercials include Dick Poe & the Sun Country Directory.

and of course...we can't forget Western Playland & Magic Landing.

And of course, some vintage 90's El Paso commercials

We have to start with a classic burger place we miss dearly: Silver Streak.

Radio stations used to be featured in A LOT of tv too; 92.3 The Fox & Radio KAMA 750 had commercials that ran in the 80's. In the 90's, you had US at the Q.

The El Paso Times used to promote their coupons back in the mid-90s and yes, a few of the commercials survived online.

At the start of the 90s, we had this 1990 commercial for the Junior Woman's Haunted House Spectacular at the Convention Center.

And we wrap up our 90s collection with an old Big 8 Food Stores commercial from 1993, the year I was born. There's also a '92 commercial online too.

There are many many more that you can find from the 90s too;

If you want to see some more crazy commercials, you can see some featuring Texas musicians HERE.

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