The Big Game is over and while most people are talking about who won, we're looking at what commercials made the biggest impression on locals.

RightDriveTV Youtube
RightDriveTV Youtube

The Big Game is officially over and while people are excited about the action they saw on the field, I was too busy checking out all the new commercials that debuted during the game. One of the best parts about watching the Super Bowl was seeing the commercials for the first time on-air for people to enjoy and discuss, but now with the internet, the major national commercials aren't much of a surprise anymore.

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You can head to Twitter and see the commercials, sometimes weeks in advance of the game. But with local commercials, there's still some surprise involved in seeing what the big local companies have up with for the big game. Everyone was obsessed last year with the hilarious Right Drive commercial featuring a Tiger King lookalike running wild in Vegas, and the commercial even featured someone from the hit Netflix documentary.

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It got me wondering- what was the big local commercial this year we think everyone is going to be discussing? There were plenty of hilarious, heartwarming, and exciting commercials we saw but once again, Right Drive was the company that was able to come up with a great commercial idea but this time, they brought in comedian Chaparro Chuacheneger.

Check out the commercial above or below and see if this was your favorite local commercial you saw.

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