Texas Monthly did an article back in August about The Twenty Most Iconic Local TV and Billboard Legends in Texas, Ranked. Even with how big Texas is, El Paso made the list twice. First, coming in at number 17, Dick Poe. Here's what Texas Monthly said:

Mild-mannered El Paso car salesman Dick Poe was an icon of advertising in the Sun City until his death in 2015. His approach? He told viewers his name, and then a staff of affable Dick Poe Dealerships personnel waved back and shouted “Hi Dick!” Viewers ate it up. It’s not a dramatic bit, but the combination of turning the impersonal experience of car shopping into a friendly one and giving El Paso high school students an excuse to shout “Hi, Dick!” to each other in the hallways definitely worked for Poe.

Then, coming in at number 15 is the Western Playland Girl. This ad comes long before I moved to El Paso, but here's what Texas Monthly put:

The El Paso–area (technically New Mexico) amusement park Western Playland’s most famous ad involves a little girl who is asked, “What would you do to go to Western Playland?” She replies, “I’d eat my broccoli,” before eating her broccoli and making a face. It sounds cute! Sadly, it’s the rare time capsule that doesn’t appear to have been preserved on the internet—but anytime someone in the El Paso area mentions going to Western Playland on social media, somebody makes a broccoli girl reference. The fact that this lives only in memory makes this stand out more, not less.

I haven't been able to find the commercial, but someone out there has to have it. Someone, somewhere in the Sun City has a copy of this commercial sitting around. Even though I wasn't able to find the exact 'Broccoli Girl" commercial, I was able to find some old school El Paso commercials that are absolute gems!


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