El Paso has been known for quite a few celebrity sightings from time to time. Then there are even times you think you've spotted a celebrity but in reality, you didn't. There are some El Pasoans that were lucky and blessed with the look-a-like features of a celebrity. Well, that once happened to me a few years ago when I was working at a remote. I was working at my remote at Shamaley Ford when one of their employees who I thought was a celebrity walked by our tent.

In fact, this employee had me doing a double-take because of how identical she looks to Ruby Rose. I was quite surprised but mostly mesmerized that I had to take a picture with her to share with others. Well, sometimes that is what it is like for my friend Candace Ramirez. I remember nights when she would bartend the men would flock to her to order their drinks.

One night she was working a special gig at a downtown nightclub and wanted us to stop by and visit her. I won't forget how some of the dudes she was attending to in VIP kept referring her looks to different celebrities. Candace has been known to resemble Kat Von D, Eva Longoria, and Eva Mendez from time to time. I guess for me it all depends on how she does her hair and makeup. Because in my eyes she can resemble all three of them separately in her own way. You may encounter Candace at her nighttime gig as Cantina Malolam's evening manager. Another place you can catch her at is grubbing and enjoying a couple of cold ones at Carlos and Mickey's. So if you think you're spotting Eva Longoria, Eva Mendez, or Kat Von D, you're not it's Candace. But this is where your opinion can help narrow it down to just one actress you think Candace most resembles. Let me know in the poll below who you would accidentally mistake Candace Ramirez for if you spotted her in El Paso.

El Paso's Celebrity Look-Alike

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