El Paso recently had a celebrity in town partying at a bar on the Eastside of El Paso. If you watch VH1's Cartel Crew then you would be happy to know one of the cast members was in town.

Nicola Zavala, of Cartel Crew stopped by The District Pub & Kitchen on Airway.

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Now it is always awesome when a celebrity is in El Paso, Texas for either business or pleasure. A friend of mine who is a DJ at District, DJ Lex Amparan, shared the photos he took with the cartel celebrity Nicole Zavala.

If you have watched Cartel Crew on VH1 then you know Nicole Zavala knows how to stand her ground. I am sure those of you in El Paso who saw her on Cartel Crew knew to be polite since you know she can get feisty.

Just refer to VH1's YouTube video (above) of  Zavala getting into it with another member of the show, Stephanie.

Thankfully, El Paso was on their best behavior since we didn't hear or see anything on The Real Fit Fam El Paso.

Zavala looks like she was having a good time from the looks of DJ Lex Amparan's pictures with her above. Hopefully, Zavala enjoyed her stay in El Paso and makes another return to the borderland soon.

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