Over the weekend I had to report for work at a dealership on the East side of town. I was doing my thing until I got starstruck for a couple of seconds.

I realized she was wearing the standard uniform for that particular dealership, but was in shock at how much she resembled Ruby Rose! I am a huge fan of Ruby Rose and after being fooled by this young woman I had to get a picture with her. A co-worker of mine that I've worked with at that dealership even said he would be intimidated to approach her. I had stopped to ask if I could get a picture with her and of course she was totally cool about it! She isn't the only one that resembles a well known celebrity in El Paso. If you're shopping for a new car on the East side of town you may get this Ruby Rose look-alike as your sales woman.

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Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

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