It is always exciting to see actors from shows or movies you have seen or still watch visiting El Paso, Texas. There have been all sorts of actors and actresses that have been spotted in El Paso over the years. I am someone who has not had the lucky chance to be somewhere at the right time and meet a celebrity as others have.

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Luckily, I have at least been able to meet some amazing bands that have come through El Paso. But other people in El Paso have been lucky enough to see an actor or actress in the borderland and take a picture with.

For example, in 2019 Gossip Girl star Penn Badgely had stopped by an El Paso coffee shop that left customers and staff starstruck. Another celebrity encounter happened many years ago at the border to cross the Paso Del Norte Bridge.

Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez

The actress Connie Nielson was spotted at the Paso Del Norte Bridge who played Lucilla on Gladiator. We also can't forget Arnold Schwarzenegger who visited El Paso to purchase a pair of Lucchese boots and grabbed a bite at L&J Cafe.

Well, there has been another celebrity sighting just the other day at a local bar on the Eastside. If you're a huge fan of Ozark, then you would be happy to know Tuck who is played by Evan George Vourazeris enjoyed happy hour in El Paso.

Evan George Vourazeris was accompanied by David Fuji Vargas and Matt Salgado while enjoying some cold ones at Big Lou's Ice House. But according to David Fuji Vargas, Evan George Vourazeris will be Chucomania's guest of honor.

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