Health inspections are conducted at all El Paso businesses selling or serving food. A strip club in the 915 recently scored higher than some of our restaurants.

El Paso has some interesting places to eat and, no matter which establishment you choose, they all get inspected by the El Paso Department Of Public Health at least once a year.

Some earn perfect scores, some do pretty good and some juuuuuust manage to get by. A local strip club recently fell into that last category and, believe it or not, still scored higher than some El Paso restaurants.

How Do Health Inspections Work?

A passing score is 70 or higher. Establishments scoring 60 or lower face closure. An inspection carried out on a particular day may not reflect the overall, long-term conditions of the establishment. Restaurants failing inspections are given a chance to rectify the violations before a reinspection. - EPTimes

Buck's Cabaret, located at 11701 Gateway West, right off I-10, is unique among "Gentlemen's Clubs". They have what you would expect them to have but they also offer food, including steak and lobster, at a pretty decent price. Steak looks legit.

While they passed with 75, they didn't have the lowest passing score out of the most recent weeks inspections.

Whose Health Inspection Scores Were Better/Worse Than Buck's?

You can see all the scores above 75 here. Those with scores lower than Buck's were The Eternal Youth Home #2, (74) and Delicias Cafe squeezed by with a 70.

Restaurants that failed their inspections weren't listed.

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