El Paso is loaded with weird street names. Some are named for people, some for things or places, plants, animals ... you "name" it, we got it.

The ones that are named for people I get. Lee Trevino, Stanton, etc. Though, some names took a little research like Orio Palmer. That one was named for a 9-11 hero.

The pronunciation of the proper names often gets screwed up, as do a lot of the others around the 915. Here are a few of the most common and/or funniest mispronunciations I've heard.

El Paso Streets Named After Real People:

Porfirio Diaz - A former President of Mexico, his name is pronounced Pour-Fear-EE-Oh Dee-ahz. I've heard Pour-Riff-E-Oh the most. Along with Por-Fu-Rio and Prof-E-Oh. Diaz, most peeps seem to get.

George Dieter - Former El Paso Director Of Public Works, his name is pronounced George Dee-Ter. Mispronunciations I've heard include Dee-Tee-Err, Dye-Ter, Dee-IT-er and Diet-er. (As in, one who diets.) I've also heard George pronounced "Gorge".

El Paso Streets With Non "Proper" Names:

Airway - Leading to El Paso International Airport, one of the biggest in Texas, the name makes sense. For some reason though, (75% of the time at least ... I swear), it gets an "S" becoming Air-Waze.

Viscount - Title for a British noblemen, it's pronounced Vie (rhymes with "why") count. However, Viscount ... like discount ... happens.

I've also heard Schuster, (ryhmes with rooster), become Shus-ter, (rhymes with buster) and Piedras, (Pee-A-Drus) become pie-drass. (Pie like "eye", Drass rhymes with grass.)

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Finally, Mesilla (Meh-See-Yuh) sometimes becomes Muh-Sill-Uh. Pecan Ct, down in the valley, falls into that classic, Texas conundrum - Peh-Kahn vs. Pee - Can.

As for how El Paso streets get their names and who signs off on them, click here for the details.

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