Part two of my funniest and strangest street names series is all about the D... The E... And of course... the F.

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A City planner was like, should we name it Electric Avenue and some other guy was like, "we've talked about this before, no more jokes at work."

"Hey (person) I feel like there's a real connection between us maybe even a spark, if we really want to find out, you should come back to my place, on electric street... seriously... no really." I just got someone who happens to live on that street and read this article instantly married.


I'm going to take an artistic Liberty and say this one isn't really funny but just super cool! You get to say you live at Frank Sinatra's place! The chairman of the board! Ol' blue eyes! I think that is a conversation starter at the bare minimum.


I'm no stranger to strange-sounding names but Dennis Babjack is a real winner. It has all the sounds you want in a name. Just say it three times out loud. I dare you!


I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. I'm not sure about you but any friend relative or stranger who invited me to their place on Devil's Tower, I might think twice about going. The really weird thing is I'm sure there's some type of church on this street.

#2 E ST

If you live in El Paso and specifically on E STREET, and you haven't made a band, I question any and all decisions you've made in life. Oh, and you should start wearing headscarves. Get it... Like that guy.
#EstreetBand4Life #BornNearTheUSA


What else is there to say? Dick LOTZ? Were they in a meeting and when Dick Lotz got "thrown around" did anyone consider raising a hand? I'm so glad they didn't because this is comedy gold. Imagine living on that street and all of the pickup lines just waiting to be said. I'll leave it to your imagination.

I think we've all learned a little something about poor city planning and about the kind of streets you may end up on someday.

You just might look up, see that you're on Dick Lotz, and think of me. And, that's all I could ever ask for in life.

Check out the rest of El Paso's funny street names in the gallery below!

Funniest And Strangest El Paso Street Names: PART 2, D-E-F

Part two of my funniest and strangest street names series is all about the D... The E... And of course... the F.

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