OG Local Locos Sour Mash Jack are back in El Paso and ready to party for a one time only reunion show.

For years, local rockers partied hard to the sounds of Sour Mash Jack. As the old saying goes though, all good things must come to an end.

They released a really good CD of original material that was featured on KLAQ a few times. This was before Q Connected was a thing but they and the CD, "Loudmouth Soup", were among the things that helped me get Q Connected started back in the day.

A little bluesy, a little funky and totally rockin', many genres shaped SMJ's sound and that's reflected in their music. Check them out yourself via Spotify.

They were a staple on the live, local scene for years, disbanding in 2000. In 2001, guitarist Jaime Cabrera released a solo CD titled "You Don't Know Me".

Finally, after all these years, the reunion that fans have long been clamoring for happens right back where it all started, sweet home El Chuco.

J Cabrera
J Cabrera

Vincent and Melos, 1691 N. Zaragoza is the place and tonight, (4/27/24), is the night. The ONLY night mind you so, don't miss it. Share some memories, have a few drinks and remember a time when the blues made you feel good, the funk made you dance and the good times never stopped.

Jaime's solo band, J Cabrera and the Road Dogs, will also perform along with  The March Divide. Learn more about Sour Mash Jack in this article from 2019.

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