Have you traveled down a street in El Paso & noticed some of the names look familiar? El Paso, Texas has a total of over 6,000 different streets in the entire city. Out of all the streets, some are named after famous celebrities, historical figures & famous athletes. How comparing to the entire United States, how does Texas stack up & where does El Paso sit? SPOILER ALERT: El Paso is number 1 in Texas but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Raul Miranda via Unsplash
Raul Miranda via Unsplash

When naming streets after athletes, Texas is #1

According to ESPN, they posted an infographic showing all the interesting facts of streets that are named after athletes in the United States: 3,764 streets in total. And out of all 50 states, Texas reigns supreme; 630 streets are named after famous athletes. That's more streets than California (429), Florida (318), Kentucky (283) & North Carolina (187).

Pete Alexopoulos
Pete Alexopoulos

Texas has the most streets named after athletes & El Paso has the most in the state

Yes if you couldn't tell by the title, El Paso makes up a majority of the streets in the entire state (over 21%). El Paso has a total of 135 streets named after famous athletes, #2 was Owensboro, Kentucky with 65 streets.

Some of the more notable names include, but certainly not limited to:

Of course there are plenty more athletes I'd love to see streets named after, but considering we have the most in the entire state of Texas is great.

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