Have you ever had to GPS yourself in your own city? After living here my entire life, I had to ask Google how to get me somewhere in my own city! In my defense, I hardly ever venture out to the far East side so I needed some guidance.

The GPS was helpful, of course, however, I found it quite comical how some of the streets were pronounced. I'm sure it happens in any city; certain street names are written and pronounced differently. I just had never actually heard it happen in my own city!

I guess living here has accustomed me to the street names- so much so that I'm sure out of towners get a little confused when pronounce them correctly on the first try, like these seven street names we can pronounce correctly on the first try:

1. Viscount

Google Maps

I legit heard the Google Map voice call it "VIS-count" when we all know it's "Vy-count", no need to pronounce the "S"!

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2. Doniphan 

Google Maps

I've heard certain anchors call it "Donovan"- there's no "V"! As a child I would call it "dolphin" but I digress.

3. Trawood 

Google Maps

The Google assistant pronounced it "Traw-wood"- we all know it's "Tray-wood".

4. George Dieter 

Google Maps

Yeah, this one gets a lot of people. I don't blame the Google assistant, it pronounced it the way it's spelled "DIET-er", we know it's "Dee-ter"

5. Rojas 

Google Maps

This one must confuse non-Spanish speakers. The "J" has an "H" sound. It's "Ro-has" not "Ro-jas"

6. PIedras 

Google Maps

Another that must confuse non-Spanish speakers. It's "Pee-e-dras".

7. Yarbrough

Google Maps

A good way to remember this one is: How does a pirate from El Paso greet you? "Yar- Bro!"

On the other end, there are two notorious street names that El Pasoan's butcher every time!


Google Maps

Many of us are guilty of calling it "Airways", the added "S" gives it a little spice.

Lee Trevino

Google Maps

Maybe because a lot of us speak Spanish, we're guilty of pronouncing "Trevino" as if there a tilde on the n and pronounce it as "Lee Treviño"- there isn't a tilde but I won't judge you if you do.

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