We know El Paso has been a hot spot for both recording artists, and musicians filming music videos here. Well there's been another one that has recorded here in town, out at Sonic Ranch studios in Tornillo: the rock/country/90s alt-rock artist Koe Wetzel.

Hailing from Pittsburg (not the city in Pennsylvania), Texas, Koe has rolled through town before. Back in 2020 he performed at Whiskey Dick's when he was just starting off.

Two years later, Koe came BACK to El Paso. This time, to record his fourth album. He went to record 13 songs at Sonic Ranch, and he titled the album... Hell Paso. The 30 second opening track is even called "Welcome to Hell Paso".

He's also written a song dedicated to Oklahoma, something he & Buzz has in common.

He even released a two part music video/short film titled The Road To Hell Paso.In the film was directed by Lance Bangs, who you might know for his work on the MTV show, Jackass. The film also stars David Koechner, Davie England from Jackass & The Salamanca Cousins from Breaking Bad: Daniel & Luis Moncada

Recently Koe  uploaded a live performance of his single "Creeps" that was filmed in the very studio he recorded at, which was released today.

Hopefully one day Koe can come to El Paso & perform some of the songs he recorded in the very same city that was named after his new album.

If you want to see some other artists who recorded albums in El Paso, here's 11 more you can read about here.

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