It is rare for kids now and days to ditch video games to practice their drumming skills. A local boy, Seth Aguilar uses quarantine at his advantage to be productive. Seth Aguilar is the type to ditch the video games to advance his drumming skills. You can definitely tell his determination shows while he is playing the drums. Seth Aguilar has the talent and has been playing since he was 2 years old. He practices every single day in order to be the drummer he is wanting to be.

Seth really looks up to Dave Grohl and respects the art behind playing the drums. With the help of grandpa and dad, Seth is learning all he can about the drums. In the video above he is playing along to Nirvana's "Breed" which is a fast-paced song. He is the kind of kid that would have a lot of parents cheering for him at a talent show. This local boy isn't phased by quarantine because it just means more time to play. This soon to be teen has the right spirit to become a rockstar.

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