Escape The Fate hit town Thursday night, May 26th. While catching up with my friend Robert Ortiz, we went "drummer to drummer".

Ok, I'm really a bassist but the relationship in a band between bassist and drummer is vitally important so one is usually well versed in the others world. Meaning, basically, that I know ... as the old saying goes ... just enough to be dangerous.

Our conversation went from catching up, to talking about the upcoming show at Speaking Rock, their new album, Chemical Warfare, (listen above), and his favorite drummers.

Here is part 2 of his "Great 8" along with my thoughts on his picks. Some most would probably agree with, some will ... as with pretty much all "best of" lists ... spark some debate and at least one that may surprise you.

Robert: Come on.. If you’ve listened to music anytime from the last 25 years you know Travis Barker, most notably of Blink 182. His sound is iconic. Even if he isn’t playing one of his complex beats where it’s actually simple but, because his brain just thinks about hitting other things besides the same three pieces, you know his sound. It was an honor to have him be on our album. I asked our producer if we could have him on. He’s like Neil Peart but at lightning fast, punk energy speed. He, much like his discography, is a combination of an encyclopedic knowledge of every style and genre… and when he puts those all together with Blink 182.. you create a generational juggernaut.

Dubba G:  I'm really only familiar with the Blink 182 stuff but you are right when you say he thinks differently. And to have come back so completely and so awesomely after the plane crash is even more impressive than his drumming skills. An amazing story.

Robert: Yes, Ringo Starr. Listen to The Beatles solo records. You’ll understand very quickly that Ringo’s brain operated differently. His beats are so unique. Often when we think of technical brilliance we think speed and a lot of notes.. It’s really about doing something unique though. The Beatles were kind of weird and Ringo kept it all together. F****'n rad. If you don’t get him, you don't get what makes a band great.

Dubba G: Amen.  One of my all time favorite bands and drummers, it still amazes me that now, 62 years after The Beatles first formed, Ringo, along with those other guys), still inspire and amaze. He's never one to stick with simple 4 counts and patterns. He used everything available; all at once or not at all ... usually somewhere in between. It is only in more recent times that his true genius has been brought into the spotlight.

Robert: Nick Menza from Megadeth is probably the most directly influential drummer to me. I’ve played the Rust in Peace album more than any other in my life. I’ve played a few of his songs possibly ten thousand times. His songs are challenging but tasteful while also having their own voice. Just straight gnarly.

Dubba G: Speed, precision, rhythm, it was all there. Another great loss to the drumming world. For what it's worth though, he died doing what he loved.

Robert:  So, why am I going with an Instagram handle on this one, Del_jay123? Well truthfully I don't know her full name. But this kid came to a drum clinic with her Dad in Kansas City. This only time I’ve ever done something like this. It's where you kind of teach and give, like, a lecture on drumming and stuff. I don't feel worthy of giving anyone any advice on drumming. However, my friend convinced me to come with him to do it. At the end, we invited everyone to come jam with us. Delaney came up and absolutely destroyed all of us. This was a few years ago. She's even gnarlier now. In a weird generation where you can discover talent on tik tok and social media, she's developed a following and everything she posts is a massive inspiration to me. I know I’m an inspiration to her, but I don’t think she realizes how much she inspires me, so I have to include her on this list. She has a unique style.  Fast as f***. Feet insane.. Whether it’s covering stuff or just free-styling, anytime I open up my app, there’s a video of her that will inevitably pop up and remind me of when I was young and how hungry and driven I was. Which, in turn, reignites my passion and pushes me to get better. I cant wait to see where her career goes. See for yourself by following her on Instagram at Del_jay123Del_jay123 

Dubba G : All I have for this one is, "Day-umm". She is a monster ... and I love her motto: "Eat. Sleep. Play Drums. Repeat." Certainly seems to be one she lives by, thank you for tipping us all off to her. I'm sure she'll appreciate, and find even more inspiration in, your kind words my brother.

There 'ya go, part 2 of Robert's "Great 8" drummers list. If you missed part 1, click here.

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