Terry Bozzio Coming to El Paso [VIDEO]
Hero Music presents an evening with master drummer Terry Bozzio tomorrow night at the Mesa Music Hall, formerly the Electric Banana, 4151 N. Mesa. Tickets are $15 and $35, the show starts at 7pm.
Handicapped Man Answers Ad Looking For Drummer
This is about an amazing guy.  Handicapped since birth, and in a wheelchair since he was very young, you would think learning to play the drums would be a long shot for him. Actually, he makes that part of life look easy!
Hot Chick Plays Drums
There's only one thing better than watching Tool play their stuff live.  And that's a hot girl playing Tool songs live, and kicking ass at it!  Especially when she's rocking the drums.
Don't get me wrong, it's cool to see the guys who wrote the music jamming it out.…

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