There is a big show coming to El Paso that you know you always try your best to make time to see. Plus, this band wouldn't miss coming to the borderland since it is, after all, the drummer's old stomping grounds. Yes, Escape the Fate has announced their return for a free show at Speaking Rock.

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If it wasn't a free show it would definitely be one for the money in my opinion. Some of you were able to catch the last time Escape the Fate was in the borderland.

Luckily, when Escape the Fate came to El Paso last year it was before all hell broke loose which was due to Covid-19 that put a pause on everything mid-March. But luckily, the band is gracing us with their presence yet again.

Escape the Fate was supposed to return to El Paso, Texas on Saturday, February 12, but unfortunately, it has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 26. But don't worry about purchasing tickets since it is a free show at Speaking Rock.

We can all believe Escape the Fate's drummer, Robert Ortiz is feeling ecstatic about performing in front of an El Paso crowd again. You can see just how hard they rock out in Escape the Fate's YouTube video of Robert's homecoming in 2014 below.

Last year Escape the Fate's setlist didn't include one of my absolute favorite songs of theirs. Hoping and crossing my fingers Escape the Fate will play "One For The Money" at Speaking Rock when they return next year. So mark your calendars and save the date to see Escape the Fate at Speaking Rock next year.

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