On this day today, Michael Smith drummer of Trapt announced his exit from Trapt. But on this day 8 years ago is when Veronica was trapped with Trapt. But first, the news about Michael Smith quitting the band Trapt was surprising for some and others not so much. Not sure if you remember but there were some occasions Chris Taylor Brown was aggressive about his political views. Apparently, his political views were too overbearing for some like drummer Michael Smith. On Sunday, January 24, the word from the bird himself Michael Smith posted a heartfelt statement about his decision to excuse himself from Trapt. It is sad when people disconnect from each other due to political views. The same day I found out about the unfortunate news of Trapt's drummer Michael Smith is when Facebook memories surprised me with some Trapt moments I had. It was 8 years ago when I got to chauffeur Trapt's Chris Taylor Brown, his girlfriend (at the time), and Peter Charell. It was 2013 when Chris Taylor Brown performed an acoustic set at our KLAQ studios before their big show later that night.

Driving Trapt OFFICIAL (=

Posted by Veronica A Gonzalez on Friday, January 25, 2013

Luckily, I found a video (that you can see above) I had recorded from that day 8 years ago in 2013. Despite Chris Taylor Brown's political views doesn't mean I will stop being a fan of their music. I still happen to love Trapt's music after all these years since high school. It was quite an adventure when I got to drive around Chris Taylor Brown and his party of two in my car. I won't ever forget the memory I have with Chris when he hopped into my son's car seat and actually fit in it. His girlfriend at the time got on his case and kept apologizing for his behavior which I wasn't mad about it at all. I would have been able to get a picture if she didn't insist he immediately hop out of it. You can see my Facebook memories and an acoustic performance of "Headstrong" above.

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