The sound of the 80s will never go away & there are some many artists today that are keeping that sound alive in 2021. That includes some artists right here in El Paso; one of them is The 1-800.

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The 1-800 is a rock band founded back in 2019, who've experimented with a couple of different genres but their sound is more 80s pop rock oriented. They got a HUGE boost in popularity back in Sept 2019 when they opened up for The Midnight back at The Lowbrow Palace.

They've been self-recording, self-producing, & releasing many singles since they came onto the scene. Last weekend they just released a music video for their newest single "This Might Be It": a story all about losing someone important & learning what's lost is truly lost; that going through the process of letting go is never easy. The video was shot by Dan Limas & Rafael Prieto, produced by Julian Cavett & filmed inside Star Central Studios.

This is not the first video The 1-800 has released this year. They released another video back in January for "Millenial That No One Wants", which is a more nod to the classic 80s punk style.

And two months ago in May, they shot & filmed in Los Angeles for the music video for "Lovewave".

You can hear The 1-800 on Q Connected, Sunday nights 10pm to midnight, & if you're a local artist, you can submit your music for the show right HERE, or send me an email at

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