I recently posted a blog about the fun times ahead as we go from Winter to Spring. One of those things can become a true hazard though, here's how to handle it.

We've already had our first High Wind Warning for the upcoming "Windy Season" and there will be more.  Trust me. Driving during these high winds can be tricky so, here are a few things to keep in mind, sampled from travelers.com.

  • Slow Down
  • Anticipate gusts
  • Notice larger vehicles
  • Keep a firm grip on the wheel
  • Take your time
  • Turn your lights on
  • Give other vehicles more space

If visibility gets so bad that you have to pull off the road, be sure and get as far off the roadway as possible. Then, turn off your lights so others don't think you're moving and try to follow you.

The stretch of I-10 between Las Cruces and the Arizona border is particularly notorious for zero visibility dust conditions causing people to have to pull off and stop. Keep these other tips in mind also:

  • Keep your car radio on
  • If you are on the freeway, leave the freeway at an exit ramp, if possible.
  • Wait until visibility is at least 300 feet before re-entering the roadway.
  • Heavy rain may follow the dust storm. - tucsonnewsnow.com

High profile vehicles and really small vehicles like super compact cars and motorcycles are at the most risk so, try to stay clear of them!!

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