Mothers in El Paso and Juarez get a "two-fer" when it comes to their special day.

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 8th but it's also Tuesday, May 10th. Thanks to our proximity and coexistence with our sister city of Juarez; Mexican Mother's Day is also celebrated by many in our area. And, why not? Of all the people honored with a special day, who is more deserving of a double celebration than Mom?

In America, Mother's Day has been celebrated on the second Sunday in May since 1914 but actually dates back to 1908. (The lady who came up with the idea eventually led a campaign to have it removed from the calendar. Mom's ... always throwing curve balls at us.)

Mother's Day is a tradition all over the world and, given our symbiotic relationship with Juarez, most of us also show Mom some love on Mexican Mother's Day. Unlike the "floating" status of the holiday in America, Mexican Mother's Day falls on May 10th no matter what day of the week it may be.

So, Borderland Mom's have 2 special days to look forward to and, Lord knows, you deserve 'em both. For those planning to "double up", here's a tip. Treat Mothers Day in America like they do in Mexico.

Go to Mom's house, wake her up with song and spend the day catering to her. Then, celebrate Mexican Mothers Day as we typically do in the USA; with a gift and a trip to her favorite place.

My logic? Most people here in America take Mom out on Sunday creating crazy lines and long wait times everywhere. Who wants to spend half the day on a bench or sitting in the car? Wait until Tuesday for that, spare yourself the delays and keep your focus on the most wonderful woman in your life.

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