It's that time of year where the money flows faster than normal out of the bank account. Avoid spending more money than you have and use this simple, easy, and short list compiled of things you can do to enhance your savings this holiday season. I promise... it's easy, and it works. Read on. Give yourself the gift of a budget and some savings. You deserve it.


1. Unnecessary Subscriptions & Memberships - oh my gosh can you believe this is on the list. Seriously, though. You don't need commercial free.

Truebill is an app that monitors your credit card or bank statement, and it allows you to view and manage your subscriptions from a single dashboard. You can choose to cancel subscriptions on your own, or Truebill can do it for you if you're signed up for its paid service. Rocket Money (formerly known as Truebill) is a legit financial management app owned by Rocket Companies.

2. Send Bulk Holiday Cards In Place Of Gifts - sending holiday cards can get expensive, BUT, not if you send a holiday card in place of a gift. It takes the stress off of sending out of town family personalized gifts.

It can cost a bit up front, but it can also cover your bases.

3. Switch Banks For A Bonus - It’s easy to avoid paying monthly fees, especially at online banks. Around 50% of checking accounts that don’t earn interest are free, and some banks will even give you a generous bonus just for opening an account. Check out this tool to compare the best banks to open a new account with in November of 2022.

4. Convenience - Paying for convenience can save time, but it can cost you money. Spending a little more time to save some money is worth it when you're saving over $5 a day on a drive-thru coffee. Choose to reduce your expenses on things you don't care as much about. If you love your Starbucks, cancel your News+ for a year instead.



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