Winter is turning to Spring so, be ready for the schizophrenic transition.

5 things you absolutely MUST have during Spring in El Paso.

  • Sun Tan Lotion. For those days when it's bright, sunny and 70-80 degrees out, you don't want your fragile winter skin smoldering like a vampire in the daylight.
  • Your Winter Gear. Heavy jacket, gloves, scarf, etc because it's quite likely that "sunny and 70" may become "30 and snowing" at any point, on any day.
  • Your summer gear. Shorts, swimsuits, towels, etc. Because the ice and snow will melt pretty quick and a pool party/bbq could break out.
  • Tie Downs and weights. If you plan anything outside, be ready to weigh or tie things down well enough to stay put during hurricane force winds. (Pets too.)
  • Cash/Debit Cards. Eventually, those winds will reduce visibility to nothing and you'll have to pull over and eat or get a beer or something while waiting it out. Bikers especially!

Peeps on I-10 between Cruces and Arizona should pack a cooler full of goodies, extra gas and something to pee in because your wait will be in the middle of nowhere. Finally, another wind-related suggestion for the ladies: If you're planning to drop a bunch of money on a new hairdo, wait 'til June!!

(Don't break out the skirts yet either...)