First off, Happy Father's Day to all the dudes out there that rock at being a dad. Even though my dad and I don't always see eye to eye,  I am blessed to still have my dad in my life, as many do not.

There are people who don't have their biological dad around but other father figures to look up to. That is what one man is doing for every single person with his YouTube channel. Rob Kenney knows exactly what it is like to grow up without a father around.

His past led him to his brilliant idea of creating a YouTube channel to play the dad role in your life. His genius project helps teach viewers how to fix certain tasks around the house. So if you need some dad wisdom, Rob Kenney is the man to turn to for help.

His daughter sometimes even helps him teach others when she calls him for help with certain tasks. For example, she wanted to know why her toilet wouldn't stop running and Rob Kenney talked her through fixing the problem.

Rob tries his best to create easy to follow how-to videos, to help others who don't have a dad to call for help. The video I shared above is something I have dealt with on occasion. Some of us have dealt with a clogged drain from time to time. Instead of calling someone to help "Dad, How do I?" YouTube channel can teach you how to fix the issue. I am glad this channel exists simply because I can stop annoying my dad so much.

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