This isn't about the fun green of yesterday, this is about the nauseous, room-spinning head-pounding "green" feeling you may be experiencing today.

Partiers with the "luck 'O the Irish" may have made it through yesterdays festivities ok, waking today feeling ok. Not everyone has the will power to not go too hard on drinking holidays like St. Paddy's day though.

Those that overdid the green beer and Irish whiskey however probably aren't feeling so "lucky" today.

We've all been there. Whether it's a "drinkathon" holiday like St. Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo, Fat Tuesday, etc or not, we sometimes take things just a little too far. It's easy to forget, in the moment, that some fun comes with a price.

The top 3 things wrong with overdoing it party-wise are:

  • Seeing the receipt(s) the following day and realizing that, apparently, you're a helluva tipper when you're tipsy.
  • Second would be the reading of the previous nights texts. Nude photos to the ex, professions of love to whoever that bartender was, realizing you really let your boss know what you think about stuff, etc.
  • The hangover.

The only good thing about the hangover is that it will, eventually, be gone and forgotten.

To that end, here are a few El Paso-ized ideas to speed that process up for you a little bit:

  • Red Beer. This "hair of the dog" spinoff involves beer, lime, salt, tomato juice and a few other things depending on the consumer. The spicier the better. .
  • Menudo. Never tried this one but I have seen my friends literally come back from the dead after a bowl of this stuff.
  • This one is my own remedy. It's not backed by science or anything but it's never failed me. Drag your miserable butt out of bed and go get a Slurpee. Trust me.

Careful with #1. If they're made too good, this approach could easily backfire and land you right back where you started.

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