Corey Taylor appeared on a Japanese television show Sukkiri where he performed STONE SOUR's "Song #3" acoustic style. This acoustic set can definitely be considered 7 minutes in heaven if you take a listen.

The song is from Stone Sour's upcoming album Hydrograd that will be released on June 30 which is 21 days away. Corey Taylor had stated that this has been the best they have ever written. Most people don't really like acoustic but this is one for the books that you can't help but love. Luckily, チャンネル NAGO got the performance uploaded on YouTube a few days ago that is being shared all over. I am not sure if you will be able to decide what was better the performance or Corey speaking Japanese...heck BOTH are legit! If you're wondering what Sukkiri is, it's a morning program that features a bunch of artists that perform their current hit.

Corey Taylor NEVER lets you down when it's just him and a guitar!

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