White Sands National Monument is used for so many things and more. Some of us visit the White Sands National Monument to have fun with friends or family. Another use for that beautiful place is in professional photos that families and couples enjoy having a photoshoot at. Well, a famous celebrity also wanted to use White Sands National Monument Park but in her music video. It's nice to see a famous musician picking White Sands National Monument to be a part of her music video. New Mexico is feeling proud of White Sands National Monument for getting recognition in Lady Gaga's music video. It is no surprise why Lady Gaga picked White Sands National Monument Park for her music video. Everyone knows that White Sands is known for its appreciable landscape. Clearly Lady Gaga appreciated the landscape so much she opens up her music video for "911" at White Sands National Monument.

You may be asking how can you tell this is really White Sands? There are certain images featured that hint towards this location is 100%, White Sands. For example, there is a travel sign you will notice in the music video that reads New Mexico. Another hint would be the man riding the horse holding a New Mexico flag up. You can see the music video (above) for yourself and see a popular location you have visited before. I have always enjoyed visiting White Sands since I was a kid sliding down those sandy hills. But as a grown adult I wouldn't mind doing that again but also using White Sands National Monument for a photoshoot location for family photos with my kids.

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