If you're freaked out by clowns period then you have Coulrophobia just like me. CouIrophobia is a term that is used for people who have a fear of clowns. I have always hated all types of clowns since I was a little girl. That fear has still carried over on to my adult years that is hard to get over. Just recently we released the theme for the haunted house.

That theme will be CarnEvil Haunted House and will be the home for evil clowns. I always told myself I would never go to a haunted house full of clowns. They say in order to know what you're talking about you must test it out. This means I will have to conquer my fear of clowns for my job since KLAQ's presenting you CarnEvil Haunted House next month. Below, I listed the top 3 clowns I have always been afraid of. You may or may not bump into one or all three of these clowns at the CarnEvil Haunted House.


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    I didn't fear clowns before until this guy came around. I was about 5 years old when my coulrophobia kicked in. Pennywise was the clown that changed my perspective of clowns.

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    Captain Spaulding

    As for this clown, his role was played out very well by Sid Haig. As a teenager, I would see people dressed as Captain Spaulding which still creeped me the hell out. It was especially scary when they did close impressions of him.

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    It was pretty awesome how American Horror Story's character Twisty went viral. I remember a lot of people wanted to cover that same appearance for Halloween. It's so creepy that I would not want to bump into him at the CarnEvil Haunted House.