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Creepy Clown in Northampton

We've been through this whole creepy clown sighting thing before. Someone on Facebook recently asked if anyone ever identified the creepy clowns, or if they were just allowed to live their lives like they didn't terrify an entire region for months.

A little research shows that the Northampton Creepy Clown saga was solved about a month after he started popping up. Here's a video that he did about four months before he started popping up on social media.



The news cycle apparently moved too fast, and we missed it. But we're all safe from that particular clown. Or are we?

Gang of Clowns Blasting Creepy Music

Thankfully, this isn't happening in the U.S., yet. A gang of clowns in Laindon, Essex in England have been driving around in the middle of the night, blasting creepy music that sounds like something out of a horror movie, all from their van.

There have been a number of accounts from witnesses about the creepy clowns. Some from social media, and at least two have come forward to talk to a local news outlet.

One 30-year-old man, who asked not to be identified, is now terrified to leave his house alone at night because, he claims, the clowns chased him in their van as he was walking.

“I just want anyone [who] is travelling around Laindon late at night to please be careful, as I have been followed by four men in a van, who looked like they were wearing clown costumes. I started to run as they were following me, and eventually managed to get away. They also had a massive speaker on top of the van which was playing creepy music. It has made me feel really scared to walk out late at night on my own. It worries me that this is happening in my area, as it is scary, creepy and weird.”

He also added that his friend has heard the creepy music late at night going by their house.

The friend, a 35-year-old mother of four, who also asked to remain anonymous, says that she has "four children, and late at night these men are playing ridiculously scary music keeping them awake going around Laindon. My children now want to move as they are scared. We just don’t know what to do.”

Councillor Alex Harrison, a representative of that particular Ward that this is supposedly occurring in, says that if they are playing "loud, scary music, it is something that the police need to look into."

He also added that he will be talking to his constituents to see if they are hearing the music too.


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Is the Northampton Clown back with a group of friends or is this a new group of creepy clowns that we're dealing with? Or will it escalate into something worse? Let's hope that it's all figured out relatively quickly, and we can move on before we get copycats here in the U.S.!

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