There is nothing worse than buying a home that is haunted. Or worse which is trying to mess with the other realm in your new home. Which we all know can welcome dark demonic spirits into your home.

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We have all heard of all sorts of spooky stories that have happened in El Paso. In fact, you may have seen a hair-raising story that took place in El Paso on the Travel channel. The Travel channel launched a new series Scariest Night of My Life in 2017.

The first episode to kick off season one was based out of our very own, El Paso, Texas. El Diablo: From the Darkness was the highlight of the first episode. A mother and wife, Gloria shared her spooky tale about being attacked by a demonic presence in her new home.

If you never saw this before, check out her re-enacted story on On Demand. Hearing the kind of struggles the El Paso woman faced trying to avoid possession. The day they had moved in was when things all went downhill on October 9, 2007.

Gloria started to sense something that made her feel uneasy. She explained as the night progressed things got worse. But Gloria's spirit box may have possibly made things worse.

But something Gloria shared that has always remained true is evil spirits do exist. She experienced it first-hand and lived to tell it, thank God. It's unfortunate she and her family didn't even pack up.

Instead, they all just left everything behind inside the haunted house. They sold the house with everything inside and never went back. And that was the scariest night of Gloria's life. You can see Gloria's story for yourself thanks to Rita K. Jones YouTube featured above.

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