Gotta love Reddit, and more importantly the El Paso subreddit. People are able to share stories about the history of El Paso This is especially nice for someone like me who has only lived here for a short amount of time. One of the recent posts was about The Silver House. Here is the original post. 

Any remember some of the rumors about the house? I remember back in HS we tried to sneak in when it was condemned but ended up chatting with the neighbor across the street, they told us that there was an underground tunnel to the house and it was used by Pancho Villa back in the day.

Anyways just reminiscing of my times in Chuco back in the 90's cruising Central checking out Silver St. The Gargoyle House, EPHS and doing that crazy gravity hill on Thunderbird..good times :)

Netprincess said:

The witches house on Robinson. Back in 1980 something I had a friend that rented the silver house and can confirm it has/had a tunnel

rsoczac said:

Can you post a physical address of the this "Witches House" on Robinson Avenue? Thank you.

To which, Netprincess responded:

Its the house at the end of Robinson by the mountain . Madeline park side. It used to be a open road by the city blocked it off because people would drive by and honk.

It also used to list in the elp phone book as the IM sanctuary

Mike, from out partner station posted about the Silver Street House almost 10 years ago. CLICK HERE to check out his post.

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