Earlier this week we learned that Six Flags is not totally nixing their Halloween season at the theme park. Six Flags theme parks will continue with their Halloween events according to Los Angeles Daily News but will be making some changes due to the pandemic. Lisa wrote a great article about how Six Flags will be replacing their traditional "Fright Fest" to bring fans a new "socially-distanced scare event" named "Hallowfest." There aren't a lot of details regarding these events yet, but they are giving hope to those who believed there wouldn't be any theme parks celebrating Halloween this year.

For those who don't live near a Six Flags theme park, many are worried that Halloween is cancelled- to which I say: the Halloween spirit is never cancelled. Meanwhile, over in Japan, they've gotten into the Halloween spirit early on proving that where there's a will there's a way. In Tokyo, Kowagarasetai, a Japanese haunted house and horror event production company, have created the "first of its kind" drive-thru haunted house.

Kowagarasetai, which roughly translates to "the Scaredy Squad", charge $75 for you to take your car to an abandoned car garage where you're parked in total darkness and experience being stuck in a car during a zombie outbreak. If you don't own a car, they can rent one out to you for $85. In your car, you receive a set of bluetooth speakers that give you a spooky tale as you sit in your car and experience zombies and other entities rock your car for 17 minutes.

After your spooky drive-thru, they even wipe clean your car of the blood any potential virus. This originally started as a summer only attraction, then suddenly it blew up and now there's a 1,000 person waiting list. It just shows, the spooky season will never be cancelled when there is great minds like this. We may not get traditional haunted houses, but for now, this could be a real possibility. Now, where in El Paso can we get something like this?


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