It was another great week for the KLAQ morning show! I case you missed any of it tomorrow morning starting at 7, you can listen to the best of the morning show.

Here's what you can expect:

  1. The Q morning show talks about the untrained workforce in El Paso
  2. Another funny dialing for dingbats as the Q Morning show messes with telemarketers
  3. Comedian B.T. was on the KLAQ Morning show and talks about getting some nookie
  4. The Grumpy old man from the 80’s dropped by and talks about the "Rock of Ages"      movie
  5. Comedian B.T. tells the morning show why he likes racing
  6. Lebron James finally got his championship ring so its time to retire some Lebron jokes


Bonus Audio! Here's some audio that you can only hear here. Enjoy

This weeks lesson in Spanglish:

Find out how women were considered to be lesbians in the early 1900's in this segment:


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