One of my favorite things to do since I've started working here is to read the comments. Although, for the longest time, I was told to never read the comments. Reading the comments can become a bit toxic; especially when people really let you know how they feel.

Well now I'm back! Did you think I forgot about this? Of course, not! I know it's been awhile my last time doing one of these roundups was back in September! You'd figure that I would have rounded up a lot this go around, but because Facebook- or Meta whichever you prefer- has really screwed up the algorithm and we're just not getting enough traction on our social media.

It's either that or people from the previous posts finally decided to pack up their dumb comments and leave because I can for sure say I haven't seen these people comment in awhile!


Scrolling through our Facebook I can see that some of you had just given up- which makes me sad! You know I have an article quota to fill I need your dumb comments so I can give you gems like this article!

But trust me, I get it. I know that sometimes listening to our Morning Show may frustrate you, or, even anger you. If it does, we always encourage that you call in to the show and express your opinion- call into the show at (844) 305-6210. You can also leave us a message on our Neckline; it's like a voicemail service, you just leave your message and we'll play it back when we can. The neckline number is (844) 805-NECK. Or you can leave a message on our app chat!

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For the final time in 2021, here are some of my favorite dumb comments we've gotten on our Facebook. Why you guys so angry?

Final List of Dumb Comments on Facebook

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