TikTok seems like the place to go for some great food ideas. They started that Feta cheese & tomato pasta trend, which is surprisingly delicious! They also started the famous watermelon and mustard trend which is very divisive; you either like it or hate it, there is no in between.

However, with as many food trends that they create, they're also a little behind the curve. The newest videos that are popping up on my "For You" page are TikTokers trying Coca-Cola and Peanuts for the very first time. Here's B. Dylan Hollis, a content creator famous for testing out recipes of yesteryear, trying Coke & peanuts for the first time:

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Coke and peanuts seem to be an old Southern tradition where you simply add peanuts to your coke. It's not new, but on TikTok certain trends do seem to be making comebacks and you really never know what's going to become viral.


That was actually the same sentiment I had three years ago when Buzz and I first tried Coke and peanuts. Yes, Buzz and I hopped on a  trend way before it landed on TikTok!

I had heard about this before because there's a famous country song called "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool" by Barbara Mandrell where she says that "when nobody was looking" she was putting peanuts in her Coke. Fun fact; I sang that song in the fourth-grade talent show. So when Buzz and I decided to give this taste test a go we couldn't help but bust out singing it. My verdict for peanuts and Coke? Pretty good! Would definitely try it again!

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