Hi! I'm Joanna from the Morning Show and if you've been listening lately, you may have noticed some major changes! It's been a crazy couple of weeks but fear not, I'm here to explain all.

First of all, you may have noticed that we are one man down. That's because Brandon is no longer on the show is us. We made the announcement, and Brandon did too on all his socials. You can definitely follow him on all his socials, he's very active on them.

Second, you may have noticed that I wasn't on the show up until recently, and even then, I'm broadcasting from home. That's because I have tested positive for COVID-19. It's been a rough few days, but I finally felt well enough to broadcast from home. I'm anticipating a return on Monday.

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With me being out, you may have noticed another voice. That's our back up producer Daniel Paulus! He usually works the afternoon shift, which is why his voice might sound familiar! But when I'm out Daniel is our back up. I have seen comments online about Daniel's role on the show, and no, he is not the new Brandon so you can stop acting like he replaced him.

Finally, since I am out sick, that also means that there is no podcast. Well, technically, it's now called the Buzz Adams Morning Show on Demand. There is no podcast because I'm usually the one who edits and uploads it. Obviously, with me being out, I have no way of retrieving the audio of the show to edit and upload it as the podcast. With my return on Monday it will also be the return of the Buzz Adams Morning Show On Demand podcast.

Hope this answers a lot of questions we've been receiving!

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