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Frank Caliendo Reads LeBron James Coming Home
Frank Caliendo from Fox NFL Sunday did a great impression of Morgan Freeman reading the letter LeBron James wrote about coming home to Cleveland.  He called it "The LeBron James Redemption", after "The Shawshank Redemption".
"Coming Home" Gets A Lebron Makeover
Now that we know that LeBron James is going back home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, I couldn't help but notice that every media outlet was using the song "Coming Home" by Skylar Grey to help make the story more powerful.
Marvel Designs Captain America Mask For LeBron James
As often happens when basketball players break their noses, the Miami Heat's LeBron James has been playing with a face mask for the past week or so. The one he sported for a bit was a rather intimidating, all-black number some people compared to Batman's mask (it takes some imagination, but you can …

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