Welcome to 2022! This was my first week back after taking some much needed time off. I ended 2022 with a round of dumb comments we've gotten on our Facebook page and I thought it would take awhile before I had to do another one; I was wrong.

It didn't take long to accumulate some pretty dumb comments. If you're new here, allow me to explain.

One of my favorite things to do since I've started working here is to read the comments you all leave us on our Facebook page. Although, for the longest time, I was told to never read the comments. Reading the comments can become a bit toxic and in this industry, we've learned that we can't make EVERYONE happy with what we write. But you guys are really good at letting us know EXACTLY how you feel- you don't hold back.

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So, on my free time, I read the comments and one day I decided, "why not round up my favorite mean ones that we get?" So I did- and I got some pretty good feed back. To begin with, you all thought that they weren't mean comments, they were just true statements. With that in mind, I decided to change it to "dumb comments we get on Facebook".

Since then, I've written two more- which you can read here and here- and I while I didn't anticipate doing another one for awhile, you guys have really brought it in just the first few weeks of 2022. Here's hoping you keep it up, because, you know, I have a quota to fill.

Here are the dumb comments we've gotten on our Facebook page recently- did you make the list?

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