Today we got to talking about the music of the Morning Show, mainly our bumper music. Mostly because Buzz was complaining about the music, well, he says he was complimenting it, but it started out as a complaint.

Bumper music is something Brandon works hard on, so when he adds new music, I get a little excited. It'll usually take Buzz awhile to warm up to the songs, but eventually he gets into them.

I don't think I had even heard of some of the songs that were chosen for bumper music, but now, every time I hear one of the songs while I'm out and about- I immediately get excited! My immediate response is "we use this for work!" and then I realize I'm probably the only one who gets excited about it. Well, today I mentioned that I actually have a playlist dedicated to our bumper music on my Spotify.

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That's right, I made a playlist! It's called "MoSho Bumper Music" (basic, I know) but, I create a lot of playlists on Spotify so I have to be specific. If you too are interested in the music of the Morning Show check it out below, and maybe create your own playlist!

Now, I know I don't have ALL the songs we use for our bumper music, some of them are harder to find on Spotify. I also know Buzz likes to play his own music, like the "Sanford & Son" theme song, or my favorite that he plays for mother's day "I'll Always Love My Mama" from The Intruders; but for the most part, this is the official list of the Morning Show Bumper Music!

Which one is your favorite?

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