Bart Reed's Comic Strip is excited to bring you the laughter again this month. It has been quite a while since El Pasoans could see a comedy show. But due to the pandemic, there will be slight changes for future shows. Bart Reed's Comic Strip will be taking extra precautions to protect your safety as well as their staff. The Comic Strip is exciting to be bringing you the laughter once again since it came to a stop. During these times is when we could use someone's hilarious stories for our enjoyment. As they say, laughter truly is the best medicine that helps spread cheer, especially during this pandemic. This month Bart Reed's Comic Strip will be back in action to bring you the comedy. Bart Reed's Comic Strip will be opening September 10 to present you, Jon Stringer. Then the following weekend the Comic Strip will welcome back Willie Barcena for your entertainment.

Another familiar comedian will be making another quick return to El Paso. Last time Chingo Bling was in El Paso he and his crew made a pit stop at a local snack shop in the Lower Valley. Chingo Bling and his crew were impressed by the snack shop that they shared a shout out on video. Well, Chingo Bling will be bringing you the laughs next month at Bart Reed's Comic Strip. His skit about crossing the border (you can see above) from his CBTV YouTube channel cracks me up. You can catch Chingo Bling on Thursday, October 1 through October 3. You may want to purchase your tickets in advance since there will be limited seating due to the precautions of social distancing.

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