It's always a trip hearing people's El Paso stories; you never know what you're going to expect or hear. And that was certainly the case of the comedian, Stuart B Thompson, from Los Angeles.

Stuart recently posted a video of him doing stand up where he talked about going to El Paso & within just a few days, it blew up online.

The video starts out with him talking about his experience at Ojos Locos, or as he described it, the "Mexican Hooters". He talks about how the waitresses are dressed, the traditional Ranchero music that gets played... but it's what happens near the end of the video is what this video blow up.

It's when he talks about the "gritos". I'm sure you're familiar with what a "grito" is. If not, here it is.

After hearing that... I think you know where this is going...

Stuart would do a "grito" impression and someone in the crowd did NOT like it. So let's hear Stuart's story and HIS "grito" impression.

It was Stuart's impression that helped make the video blow up online. It currently has has 800k views on Tik Tok, and it was recently shared onto FitFam El Paso that got an extra couple thousand likes online.

There IS a part two to his El Paso story, which was uploaded onto his Instagram just this week.

After talking to Stuart, he did tell me that he plans on coming back to El Paso to perform again. He plans on coming back to visit and "work on his grito". In fact I got the very special privilege of interviewing Stuart; where he shared ANOTHER story of his. This one involving Buzz Adams & Nico from the Buzz Adams Morning Show

Personally I thought it was a valiant attempt! It was a very good attempt for someone who never heard one before.

I certainly look forward to seeing Stuart come back to El Paso with more stories & to hear the improvement for next time.

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