Everyone has been going through some hard times since the pandemic put a halt to large gatherings. Slowly different favorite hang out spots we once enjoyed closed for the time being. If you received newsletters from Bart Reed's Comic Strip then you recently got the good news. I received an e-mail the other day about Bart Reed's Comic Strip coming back into the action. This is the best kind of news anyone can hear because laughter is the best medicine. Times have been rough due to the pandemic we have been facing for the longest time now. They're ready to bring you some laughs with their lovely comedians who will be performing this month and next month. Bart Reed's Comic Strip sent a newsletter out about being back again and the days certain comedians will perform. It's times like these that everyone could use a laugh and you can definitely get it at the Comic Strip.

If you have been wondering when Bart Reed's Comic Strip was going to re-open, it will be soon. In fact, this coming weekend they will re-open with Jon Stringer on September 10 through September 13. But the following weekend Willie Barcena will be taking the stage at Bart Reed's Comic Strip. Above is a clip from Willie Barcena's YouTube channel of a skit that is hilarious. You can be sure to see him on September 17 through September 20. Bart Reed's Comic Strip is taking all the precautions to maintain a safe and clean venue for you. So if you need a night out that will be filled with laughter then order your tickets now since there will be limited capacity.

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