Buzz has developed a strange addiction... to pickles, specifically ones soaked in moonshine.
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It's become a problem. Like, it's destroying his (social) life. If you ever go over to Buzz's house as a guest, he will offer you a moonshine pickle the SECOND you walk through the door, apparently thinking this is a normal host thing to do.

Also, Buzz is like a sneaky child who likes to give unwitting people "something" with a surprise in it and see their reaction. So if he asks you, "Hey, what do you think of that pickle?" just know, that what he means is "Hey, did you taste the alcohol on my pickle!?"

If you're thinking, "well that's not so bad, that's just something eccentric a dude like Buzz would do."

It... Gets... Worse...

Buzzes pickles are not limited to just his house, he's taking his pickles on the road! (Not literally, so please don't think he's pickling and driving.) He now says that pickles in moonshine are way better and cheaper at a concert, a football game, or a movie!

So just know, the next time you're trying to watch Zendaya being saved by Spider-Man, the guy next to you who smells like alcohol and a New York deli, might just be Buzz.

If you would like to offer any suggestions on how to help treat this terrible affliction, MSPA, or Moon Shine Pickle Addiction, please let us know in the POLL below.




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