When you attend a concert or comedy show you don't expect to walk out with free stuff. But if you were able to walk away from a show with some free merchandise consider yourself lucky. Now when Kevin Hart performed in El Paso I don't recall him giving guests the hookup.

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Now if you attended Jo Koy's show at Don Haskins Center then you know where I am going with this. There are some lucky people that got the friendly hookup from Jo Koy himself.

Now, this wasn't anything behind closed curtains this was in front for everyone who attended to see. If you attended Jo Koy's show then you know Luis and his lady were the lucky ones.

Jo Koy messed with Luis and his significant other throughout the show cracking jokes here and there. But Jo Koy made up for it towards the end by giving Luis and his date some free stuff.

He asked his assistant to give them some free merchandise pretty much a little bit of everything. He even got some free snacks and water bottles from Jo Koy that evening.

But they were not the only ones that got special treatment from the comedian. Another couple from Arlington, Texas traveled to El Paso just for his show.

Jo Koy was madly impressed and offered to pay for the traveling couple's expenses. Hell, Jo Koy even went as fast as asking for their Venmo.

Jo Koy certainly impressed fans and had us cheering loud for his generous offerings. All I can say is Jo Koy certainly made quite the impression.

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