Linkin Park's first U.S. Tour in almost three years kicks off tomorrow in Florida, and Chester Bennington says the "stupid" injuries he has won't stop the tour.  He just can't go through his usual pre-show workouts.

"I tore a ligament in my left hand last year, playing basketball at Chuck E. Cheese, which is like a pizza place for kids," he said. "I injured my back a few years ago, that's been acting up. The last show in Australia, I bent over to pack my bags and I tore a little bit of my back again. But that's not gonna prevent me from going out and shredding on this tour. I'm gonna go out and it's gonna be like nothing happened."

Via Blabbermouth

Since none of us get to watch his pre-show workouts anyway...this is kind of a "so what".  As long as we get a show and it doesn't cancel.

You guys still owe El Paso a show, remember? You member...