Carlos Mencia really loves El Paso and can't stay away since he will be making a return! It feels good to know hilarious comedians make another trip after they were here just last here. Not sure if you remember but Carlos Mencia performed in El Paso last year at the end of June. He will be giving you the giggles that make your face cheeks hurt around the same time again!

Carlos Mencia will be at the Comic Strip starting Thursday, June 27 through June 29. It was just last year around the same time he was in El Paso and can't wait for his return. You can hear Carlos Mencia's thoughts on the wall that Trump is a big supporter of above. But he sure did give a good idea to the people who would want to cross over though about the ladder.

Cross your fingers that the Buzz Adams Morning Show will have him on so we can hear the darndest things he says!

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