You already know and should be looking forward to Greta Van Fleet's first concert in El Paso. Plus, I am absolutely positive that the guys of Greta Van Fleet are just as stoked.

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I mean, after all, there are plenty of places in El Paso that the band would love. When it comes down to tasty food, popping places, or somewhere to buy a new pair of boots, El Paso's got it.

Now the free spirited band Greta Van Fleet is definitely looking forward to El Paso. This may be hard to believe but I personally heard a voicemail the band left my boss.

I heard the excitement in their voices and they're stoked to play at Don Haskins Center for the first time. After trolling the tour dates I noticed a mini break they had which happens to land just before El Paso's show.

So I believe they wanted to explore a couple of Texas cities San Antonio and El Paso. Saturday, November 5, Greta Van Fleet's performs in San Antonio then next up is the El Paso concert.

But El Paso isn't scheduled until November 8, which means the band has some room to play. The 3 day gap in between just means plenty of time for the band to play the tourist role.

There are some spots I believe Greta Van Fleet would dig in El Paso and want to return for. I can see the band enjoying a smoking break at a cigar shop in town that isn't too far from the venue they're performing at.

Another view the guys of Greta Van Fleet would enjoy is high atop the Franklin Mountains. Greta Van Fleet is always taking pictures surrounded by nature and will love the Franklin Mountain Life.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

One spot they better visit especially during the eventing is where some locals enjoy sparking the romance, Scenic Drive. Also, they would definitely enjoy catching a sunset and catch another spectacular view of El Paso from The Plaza Hotel.

I would not be surprised if a local vegan hot spot was graced by Josh Kiszka's presence since he is vegan. I can definitely see him enjoying some tacos from this vegan shop in town.

But if the guys wanted to go somewhere and sing some of their songs where there is karaoke I can picture them singing at The Tap.

Photo by Mysaell Armendariz
Photo by Mysaell Armendariz

I would not be surprised if the band decides to cross the border and hit up Ciudad Juarez since it's just next door. But those are just some of my wild guesses you could possibly bump into Greta Van Fleet at in El Paso.

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